Professionally Speaking:

After high school, I failed myself out of college and then spent a few years bouncing around from job to job. I’ve done everything from dairy farming to office management, pizza delivery to factory technician, a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

After a near-death experience made me realize my life had no direction, I knew I had to make some changes. I figured I had to start with an education, a trade of some type, and the two-year Associates Degree in Autmobile Technology at Columbia-Greene Community College in Hudson really spoke to me. I graduated top of my class in 2001, 3.9GPA, Dean’s and President’s Lists, Honor Roll. I attained my ASE Master Automobile Technician Certification once I finished my internship and have maintained that certification since.

Where it get’s strange, though, is that the way the automobile service sector is set up, specifically the flat-rate-pay system, does not encourage quality of workmanship. I’m a perfectionist, and it’s more often a curse than a blessing when it comes to automobile repair. I’ve spent nine years with Lexus and Toyota and know these vehicles inside and out. I specialized and tooled myself in electrical and electronic diagnostics and repairs. Unfortunately, this also means I get the most difficult problems to diagnose, especially vehicles that four other people have failed to repair properly.

So, now what? I’m working on reinventing myself. If no one appreciates my abilities as a technician, then why beat myself up? There is, of course, the small matter of a $30,000 tool box that needs to be liquidated, but I’m debt free and what could be better than that? This has given me the chance I needed to try something different.

I’ve always been interested in Automobile Alternative Fuels, and it’s a very exciting field. People have always told me I have a way with words. Backed up by an analytical mind and the ability to turn gobs of data into meaningful communication, I am now putting myself out there as a Freelance Automotive Technology Writer. So far I’m finding it very interesting and engaging. I am sure that others will find my work the same.


About LoneWolffe

Ben has been a Master Automobile Technician for over ten years, certified by ASE, Toyota, and Lexus. He specialized in electronic systems and hybrid technology. Branching out now, as a Freelance Writer, he specializes in research and writing about his main area of interest, Automotive Technology, Alternative Fuels, and Concept Vehicles.
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